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York Solo Alto 1908

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This York Solo Alto dates to 1907-1908, and plays in the key of Eb. This alto is in good condition for its age, but does show some wear. There are a handful of dings in inaccessible places on the bell bow, and a small amount of wear in the silver plate on the 1st valve. The plating on the pistons is quite worn, but they still have good action and some compression. 

This instrument is finished in satin silver plate with a beautiful engraving on the bell. There are a number of small ornamentations on this trumpet that set it apart from modern instruments, like the valve caps, ferrules, and braces. This trumpet is a beautiful collectors piece and plays quite well for its age. It sounds like a hybrid of a euphonium and a cornet, and has great resonance. Intonation is a bit treacherous with a modern mouthpiece, but with an appropriate vintage mouthpiece, it is much improved.