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Yamaha YTR-9610 Eb/D Trumpet

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The Yamaha YTR-9610 is one of the finest Eb/D trumpets available today. The 9610 has excellent intonation and a clear, ringing sound that makes it an excellent choice for use in an orchestra, chamber group, or as a solo instrument. Yamaha's quality is second to none, and this trumpet has exceptional fit and finish, with fast and reliable valves and slides. This trumpet is in excellent pre-owned condition and shows minimal signs of use. There is one small ding in the bell flare which is too small to capture on camera, but otherwise this trumpet could pass for new. The 9610 is more free blowing than most other Eb/D trumpets, which makes switching between C/Bb and Eb/D a much easier process. Brand new they are listed at $4300, which makes this a killer deal! 


From Yamaha: The YTR-9610 is a custom-made Eb/D trumpet that has proper resistance and accurate intonation for performers to play a full variety of musical genres from solo or chamber music to full orchestral compositions. The trumpet’s lightweight design provides an attractive combination of agile response and pleasant playing. Switching between the keys of Eb and D involves exchanging the bell and the first and third valve slides.