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Yamaha YTR-636

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When Yamaha wanted to develop their own professional trumpet line, they reached out to American trumpet builder Reynold Schilke. Schilke traded his expertise and many of his own designs in exchange that Yamaha protect his numerous patents in court. This symbiotic relationship created the first line of Yamaha trumpets. Many of these designs were analogous to Schilke models, and this exact model, the 636, is similar to a Schilke B7 and was the predecessor of the 6310Z "Shew" horn.


This is a medium-bore trumpet with a bell patterned after a Martin Committee. It has a fat, rich sound similar to a Martin, but with superior intonation. The upper register feels easy (thanks to the medium bore), and this horn plays with a fat, sizzling sound when you step on the gas. Yamaha valve from this era are notoriously finicky, but this one seems to be pretty good. The valve action is smooth and fast, and the pistons hold good compression. With modern valve oil, sticking valves should not be an issue. This trumpet is excellent for commercial, big band, lead playing, and jazz. 


This trumpet is in excellent mechanical condition but has some cosmetic flaws. The original leadpipe has been replaced with a modern 8310Z leadpipe in silver, and the finger buttons have also been replaced with Shew buttons.


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