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XO Brass 1602

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XO Brass is a custom manufacturer based in Taiwan and owned by Jupiter. These trumpets are made by hand with excellent attention to detail. There are so many little details that we love about these instruments, from the shape of the baluster to the organic looking mouthpiece receiver. The 2nd slide is even reversed to match the 1st and 3rd! 


This trumpet is somewhat reminiscent of a vintage Bach in terms of material and sound. It has a 2-piece valve casing with nickel-silver balusters and nickel-silver trim on the slides. This particular instrument comes with a round tuning slide crook, but a square crook is also available from XO. This trumpet has excellent mechanics and plays with a tone that is cleared resonant. It is an excellent choice for an all-around professional trumpet and would be equally at home in a concert hall or recording studio. 


This trumpet has just received an ultrasonic cleaning at Beverly Music. We repaired a few small dings in the bell tail and removed a crease on the bell flare. This trumpet is only a few years old and has had very little use, so it's ready to be played! The valves and slides are fast and have excellent compression.


Included with this trumpet is an XO Brass case and a set of lightweight finger buttons.