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Beverly Music Company

Used Warburton Trumpet Mouthpiece Tops

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Pre-Owned trumpet mouthpiece tops made by our friends at Warburton. These mouthpiece tops are in excellent condition and show minimal signs of use. Each top has been inspected and cleaned by Beverly Music and will be re-sanitized prior to shipping. 



Warburton's sizing system refers to rim size, cup shape, and throat size. 

Example: 6S = 6 rim, S cup

Note: that BWM tops are custom one-offs and feature a small diameter, flat rim, and sharp undercut. These mouthpiece tops are designed for commercial and lead trumpet applications.


Please note that these are mouthpiece tops, and require a compatible backbore in order to be used. Warburton mouthpiece tops thread with Warburton, Wedge, PickettBrass, AR Resonance, Greg Black, James R New, and Austin Custom Brass backbores. Please contact us if you have any questions.


For best results, use a matching throat size on both top and backbore