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Used Austin Custom Brass TA1 trumpet mouthpiece

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Pre-owned Austin Custom Brass TA1 trumpet mouthpiece in the "Traditional" blank. This mouthpiece is modeled after vintage mouthpieces used by Clark Terry and Miles Davis with some minor changes for improved comfort and playability. The TA1 is the signature model of trumpeter Trent Austin. 


From ACB: 

One of my favorites is the special mouthpiece made for one of my heroes, Clark Terry. Clark’s piece, which was based on a Gustat Heim design, had a wonderful “vee” shaped cup. It was incredibly efficient without making the tone brittle or strident. I incorporated the V-cup shape into my TA1, giving it both wonderful ease/efficiency and an incredible tone. 

While the TA1 is based on Clark Terry’s mouthpiece, I made a few alterations and improvements. Clark’s original rim design was VERY flat, so for the TA1 I modified the rim and cup to make it more accessible for today’s modern player. The TA1 rim is still flat, but not nearly as pronounced as on Clark’s mouthpiece. I increased the diameter of the piece as well, as the original was a tiny bit small for my taste. I blended the cup entrance to the throat a bit more to make the balance between cup and bore much more efficient. The TA1 also has a slightly bigger backbore to help today’s player, as many prefer slightly more open backbores to the tighter vintage designs.