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Triebert Moderne (Couesnon) Flugelhorn

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The Couesnon flugelhorn is one of the best and most popular flugelhorns on the market. Favored by jazz players in the 60's and 70's due to their availability and friendly price tags, Couesnons quickly came to define the jazz flugelhorn sound of that era. These instruments have been used by Freddie Hubbard (featured prominently on the album cover for First Light), Tom Harrell, Bobby Shew, Chet Baker, and many more. They're solidly built with a compact wrap and play with a buttery sound. This particular horn is a fine example and has great intonation and a rich, warm sound. Valve action is fast with great compression, and the pistons show very little wear. This instrument shows no signs of major repair, and the plating is in excellent condition. There are a handful of tiny dings, but nothing big enough to be removed or to warrant concern. This instrument was original marked "Triebert Moderne", but someone added "Couesnon" some time after the instrument was a produced. This flugelhorn accepts a French taper flugelhorn mouthpiece.