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Selmer Paris Cornet

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If you're looking for a true French cornet for Arban and Charlier studies, then look no further! This is an early Selmer Paris cornet made in the mid-late 1930's. In its era, it was one of the best cornets that money could buy, and can still compete with the best modern instruments. It plays with a sweet sound, and has a great amount of core. 


The valves were built using Selmer's patented design, which increased the lifespan of the casing and created a smother action compared to conventional manufacturing. The inner tubes are made from nickel-silver, a corrosion resistant alloy, meaning this horn will never get red rot in the inner slides. The rest of the trumpet features some great art-deco inspired ferrules and braces, which really set this instrument apart from modern designs.


Overall, condition is quite good. The lacquer is original, and is in great shape throughout. We removed a few small dings from the bell bow and bell flare, which caused some minor lacquer loss. The engraving is still quite sharp and in excellent condition. The 1st slide trigger is original, and both the 1st and 3rd slide have quick, fast action. The pistons are in great shape and have fast, smooth action and great compression. 


Don't miss out on a vintage trumpet that plays as good as it looks!