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Selmer 23A 1957

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This Selmer Paris 23A is a blast from the past. One of the finest trumpets money could buy (and one of the most expensive) in it's day, the Selmer Paris K-Modified is an all-time classic. From the iconic "C" Shaped pinky hook to the art-deco valve block, these horns had style like no other. Selmer starting making trumpets in 1932 after acquiring the Millereau Paris factory. Their early designs included the Grand Prix model (similar to an F. Besson) and the balanced model made famous by Louis Armstrong and Harry James.

These trumpets are a product of their time, and have a tone that is incredibly rich and powerful. The valves were built using Selmer's patented design, which made for a smoother and longer-lasting piston and valve casing. The inner tubes and leadpipe are made from nickel-silver, a corrosion resistant alloy, meaning this horn will never get red rot in the leadpipe or inner slides. The rest of the trumpet features some great art-deco inspired ferrules and braces, which give this instrument a vintage flair!

The 23A model features a .458" bore, making it one of the larger bore sizes that Selmer used on the balanced models. This trumpet captures the sound of the big band era and has the essence of Louis Armstrong and Harry James in its sound.


Overall, condition is excellent. The instrument has been relacquered, but the engraving appears to have been recut. There are some minor signs of refinishing on the body of the instrument. The pistons are in great shape and have fast, smooth action and great compression. This trumpet has just received a full service ultrasonic cleaning and valve alignment at Beverly Music.