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Schilke S42

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Originally designed by Scott Laskey in collaboration with trumpeter extraordinaire Jon Faddis, the Schilke S42 was designed to offer a slightly different sound and feel than traditional Schilke trumpets. The S42 has a medium bore (.450") valve section with Schilke's #2 (medium) bell in yellow brass. Combined with the S-series leadpipe, semi-square tuning slide, and a single brace on the tuning slide, this trumpet is more robust than its sibling, the B6. 


While some say that the S Series is slightly more Bach-like in sound and feel, this trumpet is in a league of its own. It has incredible projection and presence, even at lower dynamic levels, and it is supremely efficient in the upper register. As with all Schilke trumpets, the valves are phenomenal, and the slides are smooth, tight, and lightning fast. This trumpet is an excellent choice for a jazz or commercial musician who needs a horn that they can play all night without getting worn out. With the right mouthpiece, it could also fit in a wind ensemble or brass quintet. 


This particular trumpet is a 50th anniversary model. These instrument were built in 2006, the 50th anniversary of the company, and feature a commemorative stamp on the back of the 2nd valve. The silver plate is in great shape, and shows minor wear at contact points on the valve casing and valve caps. Don't miss out on a fantastic trumpet and a piece of Schilke history!