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Schilke M1

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The M-series was started as a collaboration between Schilke and Yamaha in the late 1970's as a way for Schilke to offer more affordable alternatives to their custom-series instruments. The M1 has a ML (.460") bore and Schilke's ML bell, similar to a Schilke's B5 or the older Yamaha YTR-734 model, which was a direct copy of a Schilke B5. This horn plays with a present and cutting sound, to be expected from a lightweight horn designed by Schilke. This trumpet would make an excellent choice for live gigs in a horn section, big band playing, studio work, and some classical music with the right mouthpiece selection. 


This trumpet has been cleaned and had the leadpipe replaced with a NOS Schilke pipe, so along with the Schilke bell, this is essentially a 1980's "Yamaloy" valve Schilke B5. There is a minor spot of silver plating loss on the leadpipe from installation, but otherwise the finish is in great shape. There are a few small pings that have been removed from the bell, showing some minor scratches, but we see no evidence of major repair to the bell. The metal is much softer than normal Yamaha yellow brass, which is why we think it is a Schilke bell. The valves were made by Yamaha during the "yamaloy" period, which means that for certain players body chemistry and valve oil, they may stick. With the plethora of modern valve oil on the market, each player should be able to find one that works well without sticking.