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Schilke B6b

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The Schilke B6b is one of the most popular instruments from Schilke's "Custom" series , and has been used by a number of famous musicians including Jon Faddis and Bill Chase. This instrument features Schilke's famous "beryllium" bell, a lightweight, pure copper bell, designed to "project very well with more of the 'higher overtones' all dynamic levels" according to the Schilke catalog. Schilke experimented with bell alloys back in the 60's and 70's and briefly used a beryllium bronze alloy, but discontinued its use in favor of pure copper. The name, however, remains. 


The B6b is a fantastic instrument for the efficient trumpet player. The medium bore facilitates playing in the upper register and the lightweight bell adds sizzle and presence in both live and studio settings. This trumpet has excellent slotting of notes above High C and has a full sound through the whole range. 


This trumpet is in excellent condition, showing only minor signs of use. This instrument dates to the early 2010's and appears to have seen very little use. There are a few small scratches in the bell and two small repair marks on the bell bow (pictured). There is some superficial wear in the silver plate near the bell flare and in one spot on the valve block, but nothing noticeable at an arm's length. The valves are in excellent condition and have fast, smooth action with excellent compression. This trumpet has been recently serviced at Beverly Music Company, including an ultrasonic cleaning, hand polish, and valve alignment. 




What Schilke says: 

The classic medium bore trumpet, the B6 has been an extremely popular choice for all musicians, especially the commercial player. In the studio or on stage, for lead or in the section, this incredibly versatile model provides a compact sound with superior projection and exceptional brilliance.


One-piece Lightweight "Beryllium" Copper Bell
#2 Bell Taper
.450″ Medium Step Bore