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Schagerl Dione flugelhorn

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From Schagerl's "Meisterinstrumente" line of handcrafted instruments, the Dione flugelhorn offers a gorgeous sound and exceptional playability. This flugelhorn features a 2-piece valve casing, an elegant shepherd's crook bend, and fantastic ergonomics. The horn feels light and well-balanced in the hand. 


This instrument is a fantastic player, with a rich, fluid sound. The 150mm bell diameter gives the instrument flexibility and clear articulation. This flugelhorn would be an excellent choice for small group jazz, big band, or solo playing in any genre. This instrument is finished in an antique lacquer with silver plated trim and slides. There is one small repair on the bell bow where there is a little bit of lacquer loss. The spot is currently polished raw brass but will eventually fade to match the antique finish underneath the lacquer. 





From Schagerl: 

The "Dione“ fluegel is well suited to all-around performance. It offers a mellow, dark fluegel-sound which is prefered by Jazz-and classical-soloists as well.


  • Tune: Bb
  • Bell: 150 mm / 0,50 mm Yellowbrass
  • Valve Section: small / 10,5 mm
  • Leadpipe: Yellowbrass