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Rudy Muck New York 1950's

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Rudy Muck was based in New York in the mid 20th century, and was known for their famous "cushion rim" mouthpieces. There were a few different lines of trumpets produced by Rudy Muck and this instrument is likely from the early 1950's. This Rudy Muck is clad in nickel trim, with beautiful nickel Z-braces between the bell and leadpipe. Sometimes referred to as a "New York Bach copy", this trumpet bears a strong resemblance to a NY Bach, but is most likely assembled from Blessing parts based on the valve block and heavy-gauge 2-piece bell.


Condition is quite good for its age, and the lacquer has aged to a beautiful honey color. The tuning slide crook appears to have been replaced at one point, as it is raw brass. The 1st slide is missing the nib and has a small indentation where the nib was originally placed. The valves are in good shape for the age of the instrument and have fast and smooth action. There is no evidence of major repair to the bell, and this trumpet is a great playing vintage instrument.