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Reynolds Contempora Cornet 21-M

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The Reynolds Contempora line was the top-trim model from the Reynolds company. Introduced in 1949, this stylish new line put a mid-century modern twist on the classic American cornet wrap. This cornet is a model 21-M, a medium bore (.458") without a 1st slide trigger, and is a rare variant found only in the early 1950's with bronze balusters and a bronze bell flare. 


This cornet is in excellent shape for its age. The instrument shows no signs of trauma or major repair. The lacquer is original and the engraving is sharp. The valves have good compression, indicating low mileage on the horn. There is one minor repair in the leadpipe where a small ding occurred, but the horn is otherwise mint. 


From Reynolds 1958 catalog:

Chosen, endorsed and exclusively played by America's greatest cornetists and cornet teachers. A truly exciting instrument of great range and true cornet tone, round and full, yet with the sparkling brilliance needed for solo work. Built with amazing precision, playable with the least amount of effort. Superb intonation, Famous Contempora features - Monel valves and Bronz-o-lyte bell. Also available with first valve slide "trigger" mechanism for accurate pitch control.