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Reynolds Contempora Cornet 1950

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The Reynolds Contempora line was the top-trim model from the Reynolds company. Introduced in 1949, this stylish new line put a mid-century modern twist on the classic American cornet. 


This cornet is in great shape for its age. The instrument shows no signs of trauma or major repair. The engraving is still sharp, and the details throughout the instrument are in great condition. The valves have good compression, but do show wear consistent with the age of the instrument. The reinforcing patch on the bell-to-3rd valve knuckle has been worn through, but the tubing underneath remains intact. There are a few small specs of the original lacquer hanging on, but the instrument is raw brass. 

This trumpet has received a full service cleaning and valve alignment at Beverly Music.


From Reynolds:

Model 20

Reynolds "Contempora" large-bore cornet with first-valve trigger. A superlative instrument. Its LARGE BORE, easy valve action gives true tone, easy play and perfect intonation. Beautifully balanced.

Bore: .462"
Bell: 4-3/4" bronze bell
Length: 17½"
Materials: brass with nickel-silver trim