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Beverly Music Company

Replacement Trumpet Leadpipes

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The leaddpipe is the most common point of failure in vintage trumpets, due to dezincification, aka "red rot". We offer a number of replacement leadpipes for vintage and modern trumpets to keep your favorite horn in playing condition. Whether you're looking to replace an original part or give your modern horn a vintage twist, we have a number of replica leadpipe tapers to choose from. Each leadpipe mandrel is copied from original examples, and leadpipes are fabricated in our shop and fitted with a mouthpiece receiver that matches the original instrument. We can replicate the gap and venturi of your current instrument or follow published manufacturer specs. 



We also offer custom leadpipe design and duplication. Please contact us if you are looking for something not listed on our page.  



Photos show unmounted leadpipe assemblies as well as some of our replica leadpipes and receivers mounted on vintage trumpets that we have restored. For more information on our restoration work, please click here.