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Pickett Trumpet Mouthpiece Top

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We are excited to announce that we are authorized dealers of Pickett Brass mouthpieces. We have a number of their most popular models in stock, and we are happy to order custom pieces at the request of customers. We offer mouthpiece consultations free of charge, so don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about sizing or fit. 



Rim diameters range from 0 (.685") to 10 (.625").


Unless otherwise noted, tops in stock come with a #27 throat.


From Pickett:

Cup descriptions:

  • SO - Deep symphonic bowl cup.
  • A - Deepest V cup option.
  • B - Traditional American style cornet V cup
  • BC - Dropped down C bowl cup. Offers a slightly darker sound profile
  • C - Traditional medium C cup
  • CD - Slightly shallower C cup
  • D - Traditional medium shallow D cup
  • Vm - Similar to D cup, but in a V cup variation
  • DE- Slightly deeper version of our E cup
  • E - Traditional shallow E cup
  • Shv - Similar to E cup, but in a V cup variaiton



Also available in acrylic or copper:


Acrylic has a warmer, softer feel to it than brass and copper mouthpieces, and it provides even more grip than silver plating. They are ideal for outdoor playing as well for people with severe allergies to silver, gold, nickel, or copper.


Copper is slightly denser than the standard brass offering more core and solid response. These tops are marked with a "*" for the copper delineation.