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Olds Super 1946

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The F.E. Olds company was one of the premier manufacturers of brass instruments in America for most of the 20th century. The "Super" model was the top-of-the-line trumpet when it was released in 1938, before the Super-Recording and Recording eventually became the flagship models. This particular example is a post-WWII model with a brass tone ring. According to urban legend, these brass tone ring horns were made with a special blend of brass that was made from recycled shell casings, and they are supposed to be the best trumpets Olds made. While we can't confirm the origin of the metal, this trumpet is a fine player, and a great example of Olds' most iconic design. 


The Olds Super is a lightweight “west coast” style instrument. Olds has faded from the limelight since shutting their doors almost 50 years ago, but these surviving instruments are a testament to the quality and dedication that went into every instrument. The bells were lightweight and reinforced with a "tone ring", and the nickel trim on the body adds some “pop” to the sound. These horns are fantastic for jazz, commercial, and lead playing and really sizzle in the high register. 


This trumpet is in original lacquer, and shows some lacquer loss throughout the body and near the bell flare. There are no major repair marks, but there is some minor red rot in the leadpipe. The 1st and 3rd slide bows both look to have had minor repairs. The valves are in great shape for the age of the instrument, and they have solid compression. Valve action is fast and smooth, as is typical of Olds. This trumpet might not be the prettiest, but it plays!