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Olds Standard 1941

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The Olds Standard was one of Olds' finest professional models prior to WWII. It was built to the same quality as the Super, but without the signature "tone ring". The Standard model is similar to other popular trumpets of the pre-war era, like the French Besson. This trumpet features a lightweight, yellow brass bell, nickel trim, and an adjustable 1st and 3rd slide saddles. 


This trumpet is in fair condition for its age. It has been refinished, but does not have any patches. It also includes the 1st slide saddle, 3rd slide ring, and original stop rods assembly (missing just one end screw on the stop rod). The slides are all stamped with the last 2 digits of the serial, meaning they're original to the horn. The engraving on the bell is dulled from buffing, and the bell also has a number of small pings. The valves are quite worn and have low compression, but the action is still fast and smooth. This trumpet plays with a bright tone characteristic of its age.