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Olds C-12 Custom C

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The F.E. Olds company was one of the premier manufacturers of brass instruments in America for most of the 20th century. The "Custom Crafted" series was launched in 1972 to compete with other lightweight trumpets that were popular in Los Angeles at the time. This was the top-of-the-line trumpet when it was released, and is a rare piece of Olds history. This trumpet has unique styling for an Olds, and is a fantastic playing C trumpet!  



Condition is good for its age, although it does show some signs of wear. There is a minor amount of red rot in the tuning slide and a few minor scratches in the silver plate. The valves and slides are in good shape and have strong compression. 


From Olds' 1972 catalog:

The C-12 is completely new to the marketplace, but it’s already an “established” horn that’s backed by years of research and development. It was produced under the careful guidance of several leading artists and educators to meet today’s rigorous demands for a C trumpet to play both band and orchestral works. The bright silver finish gives a superior appearance and even better sound. And the VT valves with smooth Valor guides offer quiet, precision action throughout the most difficult passages. Olds’ C-12 Custom features today’s most advanced trumpet design for all of tomorrow’s high-performance standards. 


Valve bore: .460”

Materials: Brass with bright silver finish

Weight: 32 ounces

Bell: 4-3/4”