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Beverly Music Company

Naumann Eb/E/F Baroque Trumpet

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This is a rare Naumann Eb/E/F Baroque Trumpet in three-hole configuration. The Eb/E/F trumpet is build specifically for performing Brandenburg concerto, differs from the normal D/C Baroque trumpet more common on the market. This specific horn is in great condition, as the high Baroque trumpet is rarely used other than when it is called for.

This Naumann in raw brass comes with one leadpipe, three crooks, and a custom Naumann case built specifically to fit this trumpet. The advantage of a three-hole trumpet is that it will fit into a regular multiple trumpet case if you need to travel, and that you can hold it comfortably without overstretching your arm or fingers. A brand new one will take a while to build and cost north of $2250, so this one is greatly discounted and readily available!