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Monette Unity MFVI

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The latest and greatest from the Monette company, the Unity MF IV is the 4th iteration of the Maynard Ferguson signature design, updated with the new "Unity" configuration. This mouthpiece is designed for stratospheric playing and offers the familiar Monette sound and feel to players looking to take their range into new heights! 


From Monette:

While the MF III has been at the forefront of our lead mouthpiece options for many years, we decided to create an all-new mouthpiece the same size, but with several significant upgrades. The new Unity MF VI has some extra cushion on the rim and more room at the top of the cup, making it feel more forgiving and more efficient, with an even bigger and more stable sound. If you are one of the many players who has used the MF III in the past, you will find the MF VI to feel more comfortable when the chops are swollen towards the end of a long, demanding lead trumpet gig.


This mouthpiece is pre-owned, but in like-new condition. It shows minor insertion marks, but is otherwise pristine. It includes the original box and care guide from Monette.