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Martin Magna #3 1964

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The Magna model was the successor to the classic Martin Committe. Originally named the "Custom Committee", Martin renamed their top-of-the-line model the "Magna" in 1964. This new edition of their flagship trumpet featured a unique tuning slide configuration as well as a few cosmetic changes: the valve trim, waterkeys, 3rd slide stop rod, and 1st slide trigger. This trumpet appears to have the same bell flare as the Committee model as well as the nickel trim of a Deluxe Committee.



The instrument is new-old-stock and has never been sold previously. Mechanically, it is like new. Cosmetically, it shows some minor wear due to age. There is some minor lacquer loss on the bell seam and on the leadpipe. There is no red rot in the leadpipe despite the presence of some minor oxidation underneath the lacquer. 



The Magna model plays with a similar tone to the Committee, excellent for jazz and commercial music. The braced tuning slide adds some stability and a creates a slightly more conventional feel. This trumpet has a very rich sound and excellent agility, making it perfect for improvisation. It feels open and lights up in the upper register, making it an incredibly versatile instrument. The Magna model was preferred by Kenny Dorham. This particular trumpet has the exceptionally rare #3 bore, measuring .468" at the 2nd slide. 



This trumpet has recently received a professional ultrasonic cleaning at Beverly Music Company. The instrument is currently equipped with the original felts, but we are happy to ship it with our own high-precision pads installed at no additional cost.