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Martin Committee T3460

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The Martin Committee has as storied a history of any trumpet from the 20th century. Originally developed in the early 1940's, the Committee saw many revisions until the eventual demise of the Martin company in 2007. This trumpet is a Martin Committee model T3460, made in Kenosha, Wisconsin in the mid-1970's. The Kenosha Committees were designed by Larry Ramirez and have a different bell, leadpipe, and bore size compared to the classic Elkhart-made Martin Committees. Despite these changes, the T3460 model keeps a lot of the aesthetics of the original models, not to mention its rich sound. This trumpet has a slightly larger wrap than the vintage models, making it quite comfortable to hold. 


This trumpet is "New-Old-Stock" and is in near-mint condition. There is a small amount of dezincification aka "red rot" in the leadpipe underneath the lacquer, but it is not significant enough to warrant repair or replacement of the part. This trumpet is as close to new as possible for a 50-year-old instrument, so don't miss out on a chance to own a piece of Martin history! 


The T3460 model is the same model as Miles Davis' "Moon and Stars" trumpet which sold at auction for $275,000 in 2019.