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Benge LA 3X 1979

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The Benge 3X is one of the classic American trumpet designs that was based on the French Besson. These instruments are known for their lively sound, quick response, and pure tone. They are fantastic instruments for jazz and commercial music, and they sound great in wind ensembles and brass quintets. This 3X was made in 1979 (S/N 30xxx), and it features an ML (.460") bore and Benge's #3 bell. The trumpet has been refinished at one point, and looks great for its age. There are some minor flaws in the lacquer (likely due to humidity when it was relacquered), although this is purerly cosmetic. There is no red rot that we can find, and the valves are in great shape with plenty of compression! This Benge can give any modern trumpet a run for its money!