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Huber Music Mutes

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We are very excited to be authorized dealers for Huber Music. Huber Music produces 3D printed trumpet mutes modeled after vintage "jazz age" mutes. These mutes are made to order and play even better than the originals!


From Huber Music: 


Huber Music Classic Cup:

Our cup mute was inspired by 3 different Ray Robinsons from prime years (1930s-1940s). After being painted and varnished, each cup is hand lined with a single piece of felt to give you a classic Ray Robinson sound. 


Huber Music Adjusta-Cup:

Our adjustable cup mute system creates a lot of options for the player!  Two body types, three cup choices, and infinite possibilities. Both body options are compatible with all three cup choices.


Body Option A - This body option was inspired by the classic shastock tonal color mute.  The longer straight section of the mute produces a brighter cup sound.  Body option A is great for pit, commercial, and any situation where you want the cup sound to carry.


Body Option B - This body option is one of my own design.  The longer tapered section provides more space inside of the cup, accentuating the sound of the cup.  Body option B is great for intimate playing situations such as chamber, solo work, jazz combos etc.


Huber Music Buzz Pixie:

Our Buzz Pixie is a mashup of our Jazzer/Buzz base for the straight mute and our Kellso Pixie mute.  We fit 2 resonators in our flat base to give you lots of Buzz!  The smaller pixie design lets you use the mute with any plunger you would use for the trumpet.  Just like with our Kellso Pixie mute, you don't lose any of your low notes.