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F. Besson Brevete ca. 1923

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The F. Besson Company was the pioneer of the modern trumpet. Their original designs from the 1880's became the template for nearly every trumpet made in the 20th century. Many famous American trumpet makers like Vincent Bach, Elden Benge, Reynold Schilke, and Domenick Calicchio took inspiration or directly copied the French Besson trumpet. F. Besson trumpets were preferred by symphonic, studio, and jazz musicians alike, and have the quintessential trumpet sound. 


This trumpet is in excellent condition. The lacquer is likely not original, but is in good shape throughout. The valves appear to have been replated, but show some signs of plating loss, especially on the 2nd piston. There are no signs of major trauma or repair, and all parts appear to be original. There are a handful of patches on the body on the instrument, including on the 1st and 2nd valve bows, 3rd valve casing, and upper tube of the 3rd slide (see photos). The bore size is .459", and this instrument plays with a broad sound and vintage feel.


According to the Besson expert, Josh Landress, this instrument was produced in mid-1923. The last photo shows a letter from the F. Besson factory dating instrument #87633 to June of 1925. This instrument was made approximately 2 years prior according to production estimates. Don't miss out on a piece of trumpet history!