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Conn 6B 1962

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One of the most innovative designs of the 20th Century, the C.G. Conn company reimagined the trumpet and cornet in 1955 with the release of the Conn 28A "Connstellation" model cornet and 38B 'Connstellation" trumpet. This new generation of instruments featured technological improvements in nearly every corner of the instrument, from clickless "CrySteel" valves to one-piece electro-formed leadpipes, Conn trumpets were among the most premium and the most innovative in their time. Decades later, these instruments still hold up to many modern designs.

The Conn 6B is from the Connstellation family and features the characteristic wide wrap, 5-1/8" bell flare, electroformed copper leadpipe, and #1 (.438") bore with short-stroke valves. These trumpets are incredibly efficient, easy to play, comfortable to hold, and most importantly, they have a beautiful sound. The Conn 6B is the lightweight sibling to the 38B, and features a beautiful tri-color design. The sound is fluffy and rich thanks to the huge bell flare, but it still has a great deal of agility and ease due to the small bore size. The short stroke valves make fast passages a breeze.

The instrument shows lacquer wear throughout, including signs of minor repair on the bell. The front bell brace looks to have been resoldered. The valves are in great shape and have strong compression and fast action. The slides are free and have good action as well. Additional photos are available upon request.