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Charlie Melk Custom Bb Trumpet

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Charlie Melk is known for being one of the top vintage trumpet restoration techs in the world, but he also produced a small number of custom trumpets over the years. This trumpet is built on a Kanstul valve block, and is likely approximately 10 years old, although it looks brand new. This instrument features Charlie's 1-21-45 leadpipe, a red brass leadpipe and tuning slide, nickel trim, and a yellow brass bell. This trumpet is fairly "standard" as far as boutique trumpets go, and is similar to a NY Bach 37 in terms of sound and playing characteristics (with some minor changes and improvements in intonation, not to mention exceptional build quality).  This instrument has a brushed finish with a layer of clear lacquer over it. The lacquer is 100% and shows no signs of wear. This trumpet is a fantastic player and has a full and resonant sound as well as excellent intonation and an easy upper register. This is a rare chance to own an impeccably made custom trumpet without the wait!