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Calicchio R3/2 ML

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Calicchio trumpets are legendary among collectors and players alike for their superb craftsmanship and signature sound. Made by hand originally by Domenick Calicchio, the Calicchio company has been overseen by a few stewards throughout the years with the one constant being low production and in-house production, turning brass stock into some of the finest trumpets ever made. Calicchio trumpets are closely linked to the recording music industry, especially in LA, where Calicchio was based for most of its history. Calicchio trumpets are known for their sizzling sound and for recording well in studio settings. The list of famous trumpet players that have used Calicchios is almost too long to list, but a few notable players are Clark Terry, Maynard Ferguson, Freddie Hubbard, Chuck Findley, Arturo Sandoval, and Jerry Hey. 


The Calicchio #3 bell was developed in the early 1970's for jazz musicians, and it is a large bell that gives the player a very warm and intimate sound, but can still light up. This trumpet is an R3/2 ML, which means it has a red brass #3 bell, a #2 leadpipe, and an ML bore. The #2 leadpipe is one of the most popular from Calicchio's catalog, and offers an open feeling with good intonation in the upper register. Combined with the red brass #3 bell, this trumpet is a jazz soloist's dream. 


This trumpet is in excellent condition and is approximately 20 years old. This would have been made by the late John Duda in Tulsa and is one of the last trumpets made by the Calicchio company. This trumpet is in excellent condition and shows no signs of repair or modification. The instrument is finished in raw brass.