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Beverly Music Company

Burbank 5S

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The Burbank trumpet company was a continuation of the Benge trumpet company after Benge was absorbed by UMI and moved to Ohio. The Burbank name is an homage to an era of Benge trumpets where Elden Benge was still presiding over manufacture. These trumpets were produced with the help of Kanstul, and are almost 1:1 copies of vintage Benge trumpets. 


The Burbank 5S features the #5 bell, which is a more symphonic design than the standard #3 bell. This trumpet plays with a lively, rich sound, and would blend well in a section with trumpets of all other brands. The valves are excellent on this trumpet, and have great compression. There is some red rot in the leadpipe and tuning slide. We are happy to supply a replacement leadpipe and tuning slide, or install replica parts prior to shipping (we have new old stock from Kanstul that fits this trumpet perfectly). Please contact us for a quote if you are interested. This trumpet is a great player as-is, which is why we are presenting ti for sale it in original condition.