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Buescher "The 400" T170

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The Buescher 400 originated in the late 1930's with the model 225, and the mark "400" remained their designation for the highest trim professional instrument across their catalog of trumpets, cornets, saxophones, and trombones. This particular Buescher 400 is the model T140, and was produced from 1956 until the 1970's. This trumpet features full nickel trim, trombone-style waterkeys, a nickel leadpipe, and a nicely engraved bell. Buescher instruments always have beautiful details, and this particular trumpet has a set of nickel braces from bell to leadpipe, and valve caps that screw into the casing! This trumpet is an excellent choice for jazz soloists, and has a smoky, warm sound. The valves and slides have good compression, and the instrument is finished in raw brass.