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Beverly Music Company

Blessing Super Artist 1956

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A trumpet most famously preferred by Clifford Brown, the Blessing Super Artist is an incredible vintage design and a testament to American craftsmanship. The Blessing Super Artist was the top-shelf offering from the Blessing company. Based in Elkhart Indiana, Blessing was known for producing a wide variety of instruments in addition to producing stencils for companies like Rudy Muck and York. The Super Artist offered the highest quality and most advanced features that Blessing offered, including full nickel trim, an engraved bell, and a "micro-tuner" on the main tuning slide. This contraption allows the player to adjust the tuning slide in minute increments, precisely controlling the position of the tuning slide. 


This horn has some resemblance to a Besson or early Bach, but is a bit heavier. It haas a .468" bore size and a large venturi (opening of the leadpipe), which give it a more open feeling. This trumpet is an excellent choice for jazz soloists and bebop enthusiasts, as it was a the instrument played by Clifford Brown for the duration of his career. It has the characteristic smoky jazz sound, but still maintains a commanding upper register and excellent projection. 


This trumpet is in original condition and includes the original case. The lacquer is original, and this trumpet features a deluxe engraving with flowers and palm trees on the bell. The valves are also original, and show a minor amount of wear in the nickel plate. The compression is still quite good, and this horn is a fantastic player.