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Beverly Music Company

Blackburn-Miyashiro Hybrid Bb Trumpet

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This is a one-off custom Blackburn Bb trumpet with a Yamaha "Eric Miyashiro" bell, assembled by Chris Roush of Pearl Corporation for a top lead and studio musician in Nashville. The trumpet has a .460" ML valve block, a 1B-348 leadpipe, a round tuning slide, and a rare 5.25" lightweight Yamaha Miyashiro bell. The valve block, tuning slide, and leadpipe are all Blackburn parts, handmade by Cliff Blackburn. The result is an easy-playing horn with a killer tone! It has an open blow with easy slotting and is equally comfortable screaming over a big band as it is playing Charlier etudes. There are some solder marks from previous assembly, but there is no evidence of repair or so much as a tiny ding in this trumpet. New Blackburn trumpets start at $5200 plus a wait time, so don’t miss your chance to pick up this one-of-a-kind trumpet for a deal!