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Introducing the latest in trumpet case design and technology. Here at Beverly Music, we strive to offer high-quality products at fair prices, and our new line of cases does just that. Available in fiber glass or carbon fiber, our double and quad trumpet cases are designed for working musicians and offer superior protection, durability, and style in one sleek package. 


Double: This case will fit two full-size trumpets (Bb, C, long Eb/d, etc.), a rotary trumpet, or a trumpet, piccolo, and mutes/accessories. The case has a hard shell in carbon fiber or fiber glass that keeps your instruments safe wherever you go. The interior features a modular configuration that allows you to tailor the case to your instrument, ensuring maximum protection for worry-free traveling. Includes modular pads, mouthpiece pouch, backpack straps, and shoulder strap.


Quad: This case will fit 4 full-size trumpets, and can be reconfigured to hold a trumpet, flugelhorn, and piccolo, or two trumpets, piccolo, and mutes. Flugelhorns as large as a Bach Stradivarius will fit, but some modern, extra-large bell models will not. This case is offered in fiber glass or carbon fiber. Includes modular pads, accessory pouch, backpack straps, and shoulder strap.


We currently have matte black fiberglass and black carbon fiber in stock, but special colors are available upon request. Please reach out if you are interested in a custom color option.