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F. Besson Meha Bb Trumpet (pre-WWII)

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The F. Besson Company was the pioneer of the modern trumpet. Their original trumpet designs from the 1880's became the benchmark against which all 20th century trumpets were measured. Many famous American trumpet makers like Vincent Bach, Elden Benge, Reynold Schilke, Domenick Calicchio, and many others all took inspiration or directly copied the French Besson trumpet. F. Besson trumpets were preferred by symphonic, studio, and jazz musicians alike, and still fit in nearly any musical situation. 


This trumpet is in excellent condition. The lacquer is original and has aged to a beautiful dark color. The valves look to have been replated and have good compression for a horn of this age, but are not as tight as a trumpet with a modern valve rebuild. There are no signs of major trauma or repair, and all parts appear to be original. The bore size is .468", making this a large bore instrument.


Recent research from Josh Landress has indicated that the cutoff for pre-war Bessons is closer to serial number 95,000, which means this trumpet is a pre-war model. It is a great player with a lively, complex sound that rivals any trumpet made in the last 100 years.


Includes original case.