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Beverly Music Company

Besson (Kanstul) "Classic"

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This is a rare French Besson "Classic" model Bb Trumpet made by Kanstul in Anaheim, CA. The Besson Classic features a .460” ML bore, French Besson-style bell and Najoom #1 leadpipe. This trumpet comes with two tuning slides, one square and one round. The silver plating is in great shape, with only a few minor scratches. Condition is excellent overall with no dings or dents. The valves are lightning fast with plenty of compression. There is no sign of red rot or corrosion internally. 


From the Besson company:
"During their development, French Besson trumpets have been tested and critiqued by many professional trumpet players throughout the USA and Canada. Using their input to help design the new French Besson trumpets, it can really be said that the French Besson, French Besson Classic, and MEHA New Generation trumpets were truly designed by the professionals. Each of these trumpets are equipped with Najoom trumpet leadpipes, hand crafted to exacting tolerances by Najoom Music Products, Inc. in Wisconsin they are sent to the makers to be installed. Immediately after manufacture, every trumpet Dennis Najoom designed is sent to him to be tested and certified. They are checked to see if all specifications are correct (i.e. brace placement etc.), if there are any scratches or dents, and most importantly, if they play well. Due to precise design specifications and careful assembly, few are rejected. Upon passing, an instrument receives a certificate signed by Dennis Najoom. Performing on instruments of his design in the orchestra is the final and most demanding test of all. Of all the years working on various trumpets, the French Besson Classic Bb and C are the first and only trumpets of his exclusive design on which Dennis Najoom has performed with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, and as a soloist.”