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Benge 5X flugelhorn 1978

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Elden Benge was principal trumpet in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra before he started building his own trumpets in his garage. His trumpets would quickly become popular among professional players, and were used by jazz musicians like Freddie Hubbard and Lee Morgan, countless LA studio and lead players, and classical soloist Timofei Dokshizer. Benge instruments are known for their lively sound, quick response, and pure tone. They are fantastic instruments for jazz and commercial music, and they sound great in wind ensembles and brass quintets.


This 5X flugelhorn was made in 1978, from the golden age of production at the LA facility. The 5X flugelhorn had the largest bell that Benge offered, and plays with a buttery, dark sound. This particular instrument is in fantastic condition and shows no signs of damage, repair, or modification. Benge flugelhorns were built on trumpet valve blocks, and have a standard configuration 1st slide for improved ergonomics and to give the player better control of intonation. The silver plate is 98%, with two small plating flaws inside the bell flare. The rest of the instrument is spotless. The valves are in excellent condition, and are fast, smooth, and with great compression. The 1st valve is vented for fast action of the slide, but rest assured that the piston itself holds excellent compression. This flugelhorn is as clean as a whistle inside and out, and is ready to be played for decades to come!