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Bach Stradivarius "Philly" 229

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The Bach Stradivarius has been heralded as one of the finest professional trumpets for roughly 100 years. Vincent Bach combined his talents as an engineer and as a trumpet virtuoso to improve historic trumpet designs and create innovative instruments that had an unmatched sound and excellent intonation. Bach's trumpets have been played by some of the best trumpet players of the past century, most notably the legendary Chicago Symphony Orchestra section led by Bud Herseth. The 229 bell originally appeared in the 1940's, and within a decade, had become the standard C trumpet bell for Bach trumpets. Since then, the 229 bell has maintained its popularity and continues to be an excellent choice for an orchestral C trumpet. Its sound is characterized by a brilliant, full timbre that is neither too piercing nor too dark.


This particular instrument is approximately 10 years old, and is in excellent shape mechanically despite being cosmetically challenged. The original plating was applied poorly, and has started to flake off around the valve section. This trumpet looks to have been repaired around the bell flare, near the rim. The valves are fast, smooth, and have excellent compression. 


The Bach Stradivarius "Philly" 229 was a special edition that brought back the narrow tuning slide diameter of NY and Mt. Vernon era Bach trumpets as well as a bell with a French bead and side-seam. Bach also added slightly wider braces from leadpipe to bell and hex shaped nibs on the slide bows. This trumpet is a combination of modern Bach designs with more classic Bach proportions. 



This trumpet has just received an ultrasonic cleaning by Beverly Music and is ready to be played!