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Bach Stradivarius 43LR

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The Bach Stradivarius has been heralded as one of the finest professional trumpets for roughly 100 years. Vincent Bach combined his talents as an engineer and trumpet virtuoso to improve historic trumpet designs and create instruments with an unmatched sound. Bach's trumpets have been played by some of the best trumpet players of the past century, most notably the legendary Chicago Symphony Orchestra section led by Bud Herseth. The 43 bell originally appeared in the early 1950's, and within a decade, had become one of the most popular ML bore Bach trumpet bells along with the 37. Since then, the 43 bell has maintained its popularity and continues to be an excellent choice for a wide variety of genres. It is characterized by a rich, full sound that is neither too piercing nor too dark, and can blend with a section, or project as a solo voice. 


This particular instrument is from 1990, predating the strike at the Bach factory by roughly 15 years. This trumpet has recently received a full service refurbishment by Beverly Music, including a full solder disassembly, silver plate strip, new leadpipe, removal of dents, slide alignment, valve alignment, tension-free reassembly, and a light hand polish. This trumpet is finished in raw brass. There is one small patch on the knuckle that connects the bell tail to the valve block. There are some low spots in the valve casing from pitting and some minor corrosion in the outer upper tuning slide leg. Our goal when doing major overhauls on trumpets is to preserve as much of the original metal as possible, so there may be a few minor imperfections visible in the finish, but we have done our best to preserve the structural integrity and original playing characteristics of this instrument.


The valves are in great shape, with solid compression. Slide action is also fast and smooth. This trumpet plays with a warm, broad sound, and has the versatility that Bachs are known for. This trumpet would be equally at home in a symphonic band and recording studio.