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Bach Stradivarius 37 1965

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The Bach Stradivarius has been heralded as one of the finest professional trumpets for roughly 100 years. Vincent Bach combined his talents as an engineer and as a trumpet virtuoso to improve historic trumpet designs and create instruments that had an unmatched sound and intonation. Bach's trumpets have been played by some of the best trumpet players of the past century, most famously by the legendary Chicago Symphony Orchestra section led by Bud Herseth. The 37 bell originally appeared in the 1940's, and within a decade, had become the standard Bb trumpet bell for most Bach trumpets. This bell is characterized by a rich sound that lends itself well to a variety of musical situations.  


This particular instrument dates to 1965, and is one of the first instruments made at the Elkhart factory. During this time, Vincent Bach was still overseeing production, and the instruments were quite similar to ones built in the Mt. Vernon facility, down to the metal valve guides and 2-piece valve casings with nickel-silver balusters. This trumpet is in original condition, and the bell has been unsoldered and remounted for tension-free resonance. The instrument is lacquered, but the bell is raw brass. There are no signs of major repair or damage to the instrument, and all mechanics are in excellent condition.


The valves are in excellent condition, and are in original condition. Compression is quite good for the age of the trumpet, and slide action is fast and smooth. This trumpet plays with a rich, broad sound, but still has the ease and versatility that Bachs are known for. This trumpet would be equally at home in a symphonic band as a recording studio or big band. Vintage Bachs like this one are simply incredible, so if you're looking for an excellent all-around trumpet, look no further!