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B&S eXquisite Eb Trumpet

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The B&S eXquisite series is a collaboration between storied German manufacturer B&S and LA studio legend Malcolm McNab. Malcolm McNab is one of the most recorded trumpet players in history and has played on the soundtracks to Jaws, Jaws II, Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade, Rocky, West Wing, Independence Day, and countless other movie and television scores. 


The eXquisite series was designed to meet the needs of a studio musician, and these trumpets have impeccable intonation and playability. B&S has been manufacturing brass instruments in Markneukirchen for over 250 years, and this pedigree of quality is present in every one of their trumpets. 



This trumpet features a .448" bore, a lightweight, hand hammered bell with a French bead, and a tunable bell. This trumpet is in like-new condition. 


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