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Beverly Music Company

Used Austin Custom Brass Gen II 3C Trumpet Mouthpiece Modern Blank

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We are beyond excited to proudly present the ACB Gen II trumpet mouthpieces.

Why go to a new series of mouthpieces?

It's simple: We can control every aspect of manufacturing. No more delays via suppliers and platers (we are doing plating as well and  plating is guaranteed for life based on normal wear). We can easily edit and  make custom pieces quickly. Our tolerances are superb, our quality control is meticulous since we now can control every single piece. Engraving is simple, easy to read.  


3C: A take on a fantastic Bach (from the late 60's) 3C which I have never played a 3C like it. I think the added mass and proper matching backbore for this piece make this a formidable all-around mouthpiece!