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Adams A5

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From one of the finest instrument manufacturers in Europe, this Adams A5 is custom-tailored to be an exceptional commercial horn. Originally designed for trumpeter-extraordinaire Frank Greene, the Adams A5 is based on a Benge, but with some modernizations and improvements in build quality and intonation. 


This trumpet is built on a lightweight valve block, made in-house at Adams' factory. Their valves are some of the best in the industry, and they have different valve blocks for almost every model of trumpet that they make, allowing them to fine-tune playing characteristics as well as physical appearance of their instruments. The bell is made from .45mm sheet, a lightweight gauge that gives this trumpet plenty of sizzle.


This trumpet would be an excellent choice for broadway, jazz, and lead playing given its quick response and brilliance. The tone leans towards the brighter side, but it is still refined enough to play in a symphonic band or brass quintet and blend with other trumpets. 


This trumpet is pre-owned and in exceptional condition. It has one small spot of lacquer loss on the leadpipe, but there is no red rot, nor are there any other repair marks, blemishes, or dings in the horn. The 1st slide saddle has been modified to position the thumb a little bit closer to the 1st valve.