Price List

Instrument service includes full disassembly and ultrasonic cleaning. The instrument is then reassembled with fresh lubricants, pads, corks, felts, and checked for valve alignment. Dent work and replacement parts are available at the shop rate. In some cases, additional charges will be applied to extremely dirty or tarnished instruments. 


Trumpet/Cornet/Flugelhorn Service:

Lacquer: $135

Silver or Raw Brass (with hand polish): $175

Raw Brass (without hand polish): $155

Strip Lacquer: $100 (add $100 for hand polish)


Trombone Service:

Tenor trombone (no rotor): $145

Tenor trombone (1 rotor): $175

Bass Trombone: $195

*Haggman valve add $25

Flush Slide only: $95

Strip Lacquer: $125

Hand Polish Silver: $100-200

Hand Polish Raw Brass: $150-300



Single: $150

Double: $225

Triple and Descant: $275

Lacquer Strip: $175

Strip Flare Only: $50

Hand Polish: $300



Lacquer: $250

Silver: $350

*4th valve add $45



Included in a restoration is a full solder disassembly, removal of dents, replacement of broken or worn-out parts with historically accurate replacements, fabrication of parts (when necessary), valve rebuild (when necessary), tension-free re-assembly, and refinishing the instrument in lacquer, silver, gold, or raw brass. Prices vary depending on the instrument, so please contact us to get a quote for your instrument. 



We offer custom leadpipes, bells, bell flares, finger rings, tuning slides, braces, trim kits, and a host of other parts to personalize your instrument. Prices available upon request.


Additional Services:

Dent Work: $125 per hour

Parts Fabrication and Custom Work: Available at shop rate of $125/hour

Screw Bell Conversion for Horn: $485

Screw Bell Conversion for Trombone: $350

Valve Rebuild for Trumpet: $500 (add $150 for 4th valve)

Valve Rebuild for Horn: $250/rotor (double), $300/rotor (triple)

Rush Fee: $75

Minimum Bench Repair Fee: $25